Cutting Chicago's Carbon Through Home Retrofits

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Cutting Chicago's Carbon Through Deep Home Retrofits

Originally recorded 10/18/2022


In response to climate change and local government strategies to reduce carbon emissions, Elevate partnered with the U.S. Department of Energy, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, the City of Chicago, and ComEd to demonstrate that a 50% energy reduction is possible in Chicago’s oldest, leakiest, and most energy intensive homes through deep energy retrofits. Starting construction in the fall/winter of 2021, they administered retrofit packages to a selection of homes on Chicago's South and West sides and have since been monitoring homes' performance to measure actual energy savings over a year.

The panel presents the overall project, findings from the analysis, the selection process of retrofit packages and recruitment of homes, and preliminary findings from testing as well as insider perspective from a homeowner who participated in the project.



Honnie Lienartas, Elevate
Lindy Wordlaw, City of Chicago
Ms. Norma, Homeowner


Continuing Education: Self-report 1.5 hours of general green building education toward maintaining your LEED professional credential.