Transitioning from HFCs: How Buildings can Lead in

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Transitioning from HFCs: How Buildings Can Lead in Combating Climate Change

Originally recorded on 7/30/2020


Illinois Green Alliance and E2 come together for a deep-dive discussion on how commercial buildings can transition to low-carbon refrigerants.


Hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) used in refrigeration and air conditioning are one of the top five contributors to climate change. Pound for pound, HFCs trap hundreds of times more heat in the atmosphere than carbon dioxide. With legislation in Congress calling for a HFC phase-out and investors worldwide noting the importance of combating climate change, now is the time to consider HFC alternatives.

You’ll hear from industry leaders with technical expertise about cutting edge HFC alternatives and lessons learned from making the transition.


- David Doniger, Senior Strategic Director at the Natural Resources Defense Council

- Raj Gupta, Executive Chairman at Environmental Systems Design, Inc.

- Steve Kujak, Director of Next Generation Refrigerants at Trane Technologies

- Kevin Schwartzenberg, Director of Engineering & Innovation, Tradewater

Moderator — Benny Skelton, President & CEO of Cyclone Energy Group


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