Decarbonizing Enterprise Real Estate with Large-Sc

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Purchased electricity is typically a building’s single largest source of greenhouse gas emissions. Drops in costs of renewable energy over the past decade have made renewables competitive against brown power in many scenarios.

Three property owners described three different renewable energy solutions:

1) University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign reviewed its large-scale onsite solar program, comprised of multiple multi-megawatt ground mount solar arrays;

2) McDonald’s discussed their portfolio of large offsite power purchase agreements as well as local restaurant-based solutions; and

3) Loyola University Chicago described a novel approach to sleeving an offsite power purchase agreement into a retail-delivered energy supply contract.

Successful implementation of these varied strategies required guidance from renewable energy advisors to evaluate multiple options. Each institution will describe how they determined the best fit solution by leveraging market intelligence, analyzing economics and risks, and engaging numerous internal stakeholders.

This presentation is for those working to decarbonize their enterprise, building, or institution through clean energy procurement. The solutions are valid for small, medium, and large institutions.