Heatpumpification of Buildings: Lessons Learned

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Illinois Green Alliance | Original Recording: May 24, 2022

There’s growing recognition that heat pumps are an important technology in the drive to decarbonize buildings. Parallel initiatives and advancements at the federal and state levels, particularly in Illinois’ affordable housing sector, are promoting electrification of residential buildings ranging from single- to multi-family buildings.

Previous sessions hosted by Illinois Green Alliance have focused on the technical and performance components, but in market adoption, how do key decision makers in a project evaluate the costs, benefits, and implications of using heat pumps? What are the experiences of those implementing heat pumps in Illinois learning and seeing? What lessons have been learned from owners, contractors, and occupants that have undergone heat pump transformations of their space heating systems? What were the design decisions and installation barriers in place that need consideration as others contemplate heatpumpification?

This session provides perspectives from  homeowners, developers, designers, and contractors together to evaluate heat pump applications in single- and multi-family buildings, especially affordable housing, and conclude the session with a panel discussion.

Alex Tompsidis, AT Mechanical
Jason LaFleur, GTI Energy
Nate Dick, Preservation of Affordable Housing (POAH)
Jackie Montesdeoca, Elevate