Maximizing Value of High Performance Homes

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Maximizing Value of High Performance Homes From Listing to Close

Originally recorded 07/26/2022


A high-performing home is more healthy, comfortable, safe, and resource-efficient than an average home. These homes may generate and store their own energy and may include a wide range of high-performing features such as air sealing, insulation, and energy efficient heating and cooling equipment. Given the benefits that high-performing homes and features provide and the opportunity to sell the homes for more money, what is stopping these homes from taking over the market? Through interviews, surveys, and an appraiser-led analysis, Elevate has created a body of research that points to the market changes needed to fully engage all of the stakeholders in the real estate transaction to ensure fair and consistent value for these superheroes of the housing stock. Speakers: - Pamela Brookstein, Senior Project Manager at Elevate - Jacob Knabb, Director of Commercial Services at Chicago Association of REALTORS - Linda Sanchez, Managing Broker at Green Chicago Real Estate; Vice Chair of Chicago Association of REALTORS Sustainability Group Thank you to Illinois Green's promotional partners, Chicago Association of REALTORS and ELEVATE, for this exciting topic!