Building Decarb Tech Series: Clean Tech Innovation

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Building Decarbonization Tech Series: Clean Tech Innovations
Originally recorded March 27, 2023


Illinois Green’s Building Decarbonization Tech Series offers an opportunity to make connections and keep up-to-date with technology innovations supporting building retrofits and decarbonization efforts across the industry. During this session, Illinois Green partners with the Consulate General of Canada to feature clean tech products and advancements that are reducing energy and carbon from building operations. Experts from EvercloakTROES and CleanO2 share their carbon and energy reduction solutions for commercial and multifamily buildings. Hear from the people behind the fascinating innovations happening right now within the green building industry - and find out how you can incorporate these solutions into your next project!



  • Evelyn Allen, Co-Founder & CEO at Evercloak
  • Warren Brooke, CTO at CleanO2 Carbon Capture Technologies Inc.
  • Dennis dos Santos, CFO at TROES Corp.
  • Kate Anderson, Account Executive Owner at Johnson Controls (Moderator)


Continuing Education: LEED professionals may self report 1.5 CE hours for this program! 


About the Tech:

  • CleanO2's CarbinX technology is the world's first small-scale carbon capture device. CarbinX connects directly to natural gas heating appliances in buildings and captures carbon dioxide from the appliance and permanently sequesters the carbon as potassium carbonate. CarbinX also works as an economizer, recapturing waste heat for use in the building.
  • Evercloak's ultra-thin nanofilms can curb greenhouse gas emissions by radically reducing the energy required for commercial and residential air conditioning and dehumidification systems. They can transform seawater into drinking water in drought-prone areas. They can improve batteries and solar cells, making renewable energy more viable.
  • TROES (The Revolution of Energy Storage) is a modular battery energy storage system that enables small and mid-scale projects with safe, cost-effective and adaptable one-stop battery energy storage products and solutions. Their IOT based and AI powered battery energy storage systems are geared towards helping mid market Commercial, Industrial and Institutional (CII) clients to store electricity and transfer it over time.