Operational and Embodied Carbon Reduction

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Portfolio Level Transformation: Operational and Embodied Carbon Reduction

Orginally recorded 7/27/23

The Chicago energy landscape is set to change on an unprecedented scale over the next decade. Guided by the Chicago Climate Action Plan, Chicago Energy Transformation Code, and Chicago Building Decarbonization Strategy, City leadership have set the stage for large overhauls in how buildings are both designed and operated. While sustainable design of new buildings will be an important part of this change, optimization of existing building retrofits will be integral to meeting the carbon reduction goals of the next decade. This is not a challenge that Chicago is undertaking alone, and leveraging relevant knowledge in other jurisdictions will be critical in solving these design challenges.

Join Illinois Green to explore the challenges that exist in transforming existing assets to reduce carbon, and the tools available to solve these challenges while satisfying all stakeholders at the table. Speakers share their experience working with local governments and communities in areas of the U.S. where energy transformations are already underway. These examples are used to examine the complex relationship between embodied carbon, operational efficiency, and asset electrification to find low-carbon solutions for existing building systems.


  • Elizabeth Joyce, Associate, Decarbonization Service Leader at Arup
  • Lauren Wingo, Senior Engineer, Materials Skills Network Leader at Arup
  • Maya Coyle (moderator), Building Performance Associate at Illinois Green Alliance