Mass Timber High-Rises

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Mass Timber High-Rises: Returning to Chicago After 150 Years.

Originally recorded 12/7/23

This presentation delves into the environmental advantages of mass timber, showcasing its renewable nature, carbon sequestration, and energy-efficient qualities. Sourced responsibly, it has the potential to promote forest growth and lower emissions. Discover how this innovative building method could reshape the city's architectural landscape, as another tool to reduce our carbon footprint. Join us to learn how architects in Chicago are at the forefront of sustainable urban development through mass timber construction, creating structures that harmonize with nature and modern design principles. We will hear from John Mitchell with Hartshorne Plunkard Architecture and Bobby Larson with DLR Group in a discussion of their revolutionary projects and the impacts they have made on architecture, sustainability, and the future of mass timber.


  • John Mitchell, Associate Partner, Hartshorne Plunkard Architecture
  • Bobby Larson,  Senior Associate,  DLR Group
  • Jason Meyering, Architect, Jason Meyering Architecture